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Yummy & Tasty Ice Cream TreatThat We All Love.Prepared In Many Flavors Like Chocolate vanilla, strawberryAnd More. Kids & EldersLike And Will Love Cups, Cones And Popsicle.

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Makes Every Occasion Remarkable

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Our Package Price

$5999Max 30 Peoples
  • Savor the Taste Elegance
  • When Only Best Will Do
  • The Art of Cake Perfected
  • Where Luxury Confection
  • Elevate Cake Experience
$7999Max 100 Peoples
  • The Epitome of Refinement
  • Indulgence at Its Finest
  • Baking Dreams Come True
  • Cakes Worth the Calories
  • Deliciously Addictive Cakes
$8999Max 80 Peoples
  • Cakes That Beg Be Eaten
  • Delightfully Catchy Cakes
  • Cake Fixes Everything
  • Every Cake Happy Cake
  • Keep Calm and Eat Cake

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